All You Need To Know About Drug & Alcohol Addiction

All You Need To Know About Drug & Alcohol Addiction
Picture of Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Joshua Yager M.D.

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Joshua Yager M.D.

Dr. Joshua Yager is an Atlanta native, board-certified family practice physician who is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of his community.

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Addiction is a persistent illness characterized by a physical and mental dependence on medications, alcohol, drugs, or specific behavior. At the point when an addictive problem has framed, an individual will seek after their dangerous inclinations despite placing themselves or others in danger.

When Does It Begin?

Many people don’t understand that how alcohol and drug addiction begins is frequently typical and innocent. Somebody doesn’t start drinking or doing drugs, and the following day has a consuming problem. The vast majority started as a social or infrequent consumer. This usually begins when somebody is youthful, for instance, in high school or college.

These are times when drinking is viewed as a “social movement.” Everybody does it because it’s cool. Keeping in mind that somebody may not drink or consume drugs regularly, they’re not at risk. Still, if they’re doing it daily, they’re in more danger of turning into heavy drinkers or drug addicts.

Effects of Drug Abuse

When it comes to drug abuse or any substance abuse, many impacts are visible – health-wise –. These visual effects –which you’ll notice both mentally and physically– are both short-term and long term but can depend on the amount someone consumes daily.

Mental Effects Of Substance Abuse

The mental effects are among the most visible if someone’s paying close attention. From a constant sadness that can lead to clinical depression and death to anxiety, igniting a physical symptom would be continuous heart palpitations.

Mental effects don’t stop right there because most people get completely detached from their reality and their loved ones, causing unexpected temperament reactions meaning the person can be violent along with an initiated psychosis if there’s nothing to consume.

There is some proof that using a few substances may cause psychological sickness unexpectedly. For instance, research has indicated that cannabis or the overuse of marihuana can increase your chances of having psychosis.

Physical Effects of Drug Use

Among the most important physical effects drug abuse can have on your body, lung infection is the most important. When consuming too much, your body weakens, making you easy prey to disease. That physical debility makes you fall ill, not letting you eat correctly, indicating severe weight loss and changes in appetite.

The physical events don’t stop there! This is like a chain that goes altogether. After the weight loss and appetite change, you start suffering minor heart conditions, which make you have coronary failures due to the infused drugs.

Among the reactions that follow, you get issues with your memory, which in the last step, leads you irreversible brain damage, making a living more difficult.

Physical Effect Of Alcohol Abuse

Drinking as if there’s no tomorrow can affect the body and health. Emotionally, it might not mean anything now, but it will later on. This section will mention what liquor can do to you to rethink if you want to drink alcohol excessively.

The first and most important physical effect is arrhythmias, meaning irregular heartbeats that can lead to a minor heart attack. How does this affect the heart, you’d think? You’re continually damaging your heart muscles!

Among other effects, you won’t notice due to alcohol leading to forgetting most of the events and blackouts, alcohol influences how you behave and react, along with coordination. In the worst-case scenario, that leads to death – car accidents. Plus, it can cause people to be violent and force someone else’s death.

Last but not least, drinking always weakens the immune system. This makes people who drink more prone to sickness and severe infections. If you’re not okay while reading this, you might have another question in the back of your mind: Does treatment exist? Then we suggest that you keep browsing to know more.

Does Treatment exist?

Yes, yet it’s not honest. Since subjection to abuse is an ongoing sickness, people can’t quit using drugs for a couple of days and be healed. Most patients need a long trip or enough care to stop using and get their lives back together.

Treatment should support the person with doing the accompanying:

  • Quit using drugs.
  • Stay clean.
  • Be gainful among the family.

How Does Rehab Work?

Realizing “what’s in store” before joining drug and alcohol rehab programs can reduce a lot of the stress or dread over the recovery cycle. Most inpatient programs incorporate the accompanying components.

What Should You Expect?

Recovery can take quite a while, so that you may require progressing treatment. A few people in recovery do relapse and drink once more. So if you do, don’t think you’ve failed. It’s regularly a phase, and recovery gets simpler. Treatment can work – just give yourself time.

Treatment Programs

In this article, we’ll tell you about the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Hiram, Georgia, as well as the best drug and alcohol rehab programs. Most of these treatment programs depend on what you or your loved ones think best suits your needs.

Hospitalization Treatment

At Hope Harbor Wellness, we believe it is crucial, to begin with, this program due to its severeness. Throughout this treatment, 5 to 7 days’ attendance ensures that our patients get the assistance they need.

We think it’s necessary, to begin with, this one because once someone goes to get treatment, getting clean is the hardest step. Detox is challenging without companionship. At Hope Harbor Wellness, we want our patients to have someone by their side.

However, this program is also fitting for people searching who don’t need constant care. Other programs and centers don’t give patients the care they deserve or help, but we’re proud to say otherwise.

Intensive Treatment

Our Intensive Treatment, known as IOP, is arranged as merely another phase down from our Partial Hospitalization Treatment, where we will observe your loved one through their detox process.

As the patient advances in treatment, what you can expect from us is knowing that we will do anything like going above and beyond for your loved one. Take notice that this treatment is severe. The patient must attend 5 to 3 meetings mandatorily.

Outpatient Treatment

The OP at Hope Harbor Wellness offers assistance in any event of care. Even if you’re starting a treatment or holding treatment experience, we will give you the utmost respect and care. However, those in our OP will have to complete our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

This treatment lets people who have exhibited a need for constant care because of their substance dependence must consistently attend two days.

Get Help Now!

Get Professional Help in Hiram, Georgia, with Hope Harbor Wellness. It’s essential to look for help from an illicit drug use recovery focus whenever there’s an opportunity to save yourself or a friend or family member. It might be difficult; however, with devotion and support, it is attainable. This center takes pride in helping everyone, especially women.

Because of this, if you realize somebody is experiencing problems with substance abuse, don’t stand by anymore and contact the best outpatient treatment focus in Hiram, Georgia. At Hope Harbor Wellness, we’re here to assist you with defeating your substance issues. We will help you at all times, and you’ll be in the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.



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