Who is a Good Fit for Outpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab
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Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Joshua Yager M.D.

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If you struggle with substance use disorder, you might be confused between outpatient care and inpatient residential treatment. Both treatment programs are beneficial, offer counseling, and help you develop the necessary skills for sobriety. However, outpatient treatment is less restrictive and allows you to return home after the treatment hours. Depending on your addiction, it can either be a key benefit or a drawback. 

Below, we have discussed who is a good fit for outpatient alcohol rehab in Atlanta! 

  1. You know you need help but have not hit rock bottom: You may believe that the treatment benefits you only when you hit rock bottom. However, it is not the case; you should address the problem before it worsens. Therefore, enter an outpatient addiction treatment center in Georgia even if your addiction hasn’t worsened considerably.
  2. You have a strong support system at home: One of the key benefits of residential treatment is having a support team by your side 24/7. However, suppose your loved ones fully understand your addiction and hold you accountable for your actions and behavior. In that case, you are a good fit for outpatient treatment in the best alcohol rehab near you
  3. You learn best by continually practicing new skills: Outpatient therapy allows you to apply your learnings without indulging in addiction. It is ideal if you prefer practical suggestions over only learning about the strategies. 
  4. You are parenting a young child: You may want to overcome your addiction and make life better for your child. However, you can find it challenging to undergo an inpatient treatment program with a child. If this is the case for you, you can consider our outpatient alcohol treatment in Georgia. 
  5. You are a busy professional: You might be a working professional and unable to take off from work for a long period to attend residential treatment. In such cases, an intensive outpatient program is a better alternative as they offer weekend and night sessions, allowing you to work full-time while working towards addiction recovery. It will also help you avoid telling your employer about your substance abuse. 
  6. You cannot afford treatment: You might not have enough savings to afford residential treatment. Outpatient treatments are less expensive, and most insurance policies cover outpatient therapy costs, making them more affordable. Therefore, outpatient treatment might be a better choice for you. 
  7. You have already been to residential treatment but need more support: Coming out of the residential treatment program and immediately returning to regular life can be challenging. You can consider outpatient treatment if you are at risk of relapse and lack support at home. 

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