Alcohol And Its Effects On Behavior

Alcohol And Its Effects On Behavior
Picture of Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Joshua Yager M.D.

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Joshua Yager M.D.

Dr. Joshua Yager is an Atlanta native, board-certified family practice physician who is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of his community.

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A brief science class. Alcohol blocks chemical signals between our neurons, affecting the complex structures of our brain. The blockage leads to impulsive behaviors, slow reflexes, slurred speech, and more. If heavy drinking continues, the person suffering from addiction may also suffer cognitive impairment such as verbal learning or processing speed. In this blog, you will learn in-depth the consequences of alcohol on people’s behavior.

Depression and Anxiety 

Most people believe that people suffering from depression tend to relieve whatever stress or pain they’re going through with alcohol, and it is true. However, the mix of depression and alcohol enhances depressive thoughts whether the person is sober or drunk. Also, alcohol abuse can lead to dysthymia that causes similar symptoms to depression, such as low self-esteem, unusual eating, and depressive mood.

Alcohol itself is a depressant that decreases the nervous system’s activity, altering the way our brain functions. That’s why alcohol can also aggravate feelings of anxiety such as nightmares, general discontent, or restlessness. If you know someone suffering from alcohol addiction, encourage them to look for professional help. Let them know that there are people ready to help. There’s an alcoholism treatment in Georgia waiting for them. 

Compulsive Behavior 

An alcoholic will act like any other addict looking to satisfy that need. They have an impulse and urge to get alcohol and get drunk, which can be dangerous to others. Alcoholics will come desperate and violent if they fail to satisfy that urge. Their alcoholic behavior will cause them to lose interest in activities and socially distance themselves, negatively impacting their lives. Don’t let their denial stop you from helping an alcoholic; they will thank you later.

However, the best way to help is by understanding that there is a reason why people did it in the first place and encourage them to seek professional help. Let the person you know that you care for them.

Hope Harbor Wellness Can Help

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