Stages of Alcoholism: How To Treat Them

Stages of Alcoholism and How To Treat Them
Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Joshua Yager M.D.

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Joshua Yager M.D.

Dr. Joshua Yager is an Atlanta native, board-certified family practice physician who is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of his community.

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Dealing with alcohol abuse can be very complicated, especially if you are trying to treat it to get early treatment. However, there are many stages that a person can identify and treat before it is too late, such as pre-state, early stage, middle and late stage. So, first, learn more about these stages. Then, learn what can be done to help someone struggling with each stage.

Pre Stage

During this stage, most people are not aware that they will have a drinking problem in the future. At the beginning stage, drinking is only done at social events. However, as time goes by, drinking is used as a way of escaping reality. This is among the most dangerous stages because people start building tolerance to alcohol.

Please keep in mind that if you notice you are starting to drink more often to ease any discomfort, pain, or frustration, you must seek help before it escalates. Talk to a friend or get professional help.

Early Stage

This stage marks something vital: blackouts. If you start experiencing blackouts, you are at an early stage. Alcohol starts giving discomfort yet becomes irresistible. Usually, at this stage, lies are involved. You may start lying to yourself and others regarding your slight obsession and tolerance.

Middle Stage

This stage normally comes to be unmistakable to loved ones and relatives. You may start missing work or important social events given drinking or aftereffects – hangover. In addition, you may drink on improper occasions. For example, when taking care of your kids, driving, or at work.

Late Stage

During the late alcoholic stage, alcohol abuse impacts are evident, and medical conditions may develop in the long or short run. For example, cirrhosis of the liver or dementia. Drinking turns into an entire day. Everything throughout everyday life, including loved ones, assumes a lower priority about drinking.

The best action to take is to seek professional help right away. Finding drug and alcohol rehab programs and an alcohol addiction treatment center is among the best solutions to take.

Do You Want Help? We Are Glad To Be Your Recovery Rock

Dealing and finding help can be difficult; asking for help can be harder due to privacy. However, at Hope Harbor Wellness, we can help you stand strong throughout your recovery until you become drug-free. At our alcohol addiction treatment center in Hiram, GA, you will find several drug and alcohol rehab programs that can make your transition to recovery less complicated.



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