Alcohol And Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Process

Addiction Rehabilitation
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Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Joshua Yager M.D.

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If you are struggling with addiction, you must have wondered how to fight and overcome it. You might have even tried to overcome it only to end up where you started. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, or some other substance, addiction is painful and consumes your thoughts, actions, time, and emotions, leaving little room for anything else in your life.

You might also be in denial, thinking it is not that bad and you can control it. You might also be comparing yourself with others struggling with addiction and believe that your addiction problem is not problematic enough like theirs.

You should recognize and accept your problem and join the best drug rehab in Atlanta to step off the addiction and start a new and beautiful path to recovery.

Below, we have talked about the alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation process.

Phase 1: Assessment and intake

The assessment of your addiction will help you understand the extent of your dependency on substance use and help you fully heal from it. Our staff will review your medical history, and you may have to undergo a physical exam and mental health screening. Remember that our staff maintains strict confidentiality, and all your information is private. They will also review insurance plan and payment options to provide you with the best solution.

Phase 2: Detoxification

Detoxification will help you overcome the dependency on the drugs or alcohol you consume. Your body will go through a detoxification process which will vary depending on the substance you consume and the severity of the usage. You may have to undergo a complete medical detox, and your doctor may also prescribe additional medications to help you overcome your addiction.

Phase 3: Rehabilitation

Our Atlanta drug and alcohol rehab center will help you heal the wounds that led to addiction in the first place. You need to understand that although addiction is complex, there are some common patterns across various individuals. For instance, most people struggling with addiction have some unresolved pain or trauma in their past. This trauma is what triggers the addiction and keeps it alive. Substance use numbs you, allowing you to escape reality and your feelings.

Phase 4: Aftercare

Aftercare is essential to be on the path to recovery even after leaving the rehab. Social support can tremendously help you maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle. You can also seek strength and hope from life coaches, support groups, and alumni organizations. You must identify the resources you need for long-term sobriety. While you are in our Georgia recovery center, you should also focus on developing new life skills and creating a life that gives you meaning, purpose, and satisfaction.

About Hope Harbor Wellness/Atlanta IOP

The alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation process must be clear to you now. At Hope Harbor Wellness, we offer the best addiction treatment in Georgia and help our clients experience life without substance use disorders. Our clients choose us for our proven treatment methods and high-quality, compassionate care. We offer an intensive outpatient program, a partial hospitalization program, and outpatient programs to fit the needs of different patients.

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