Types Of Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Types Of Drug Addiction Treatment Programs
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Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Joshua Yager M.D.

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Drug addiction programs vary depending on every patient’s needs. Each patient has a different necessity. Even though many might share the same type of addiction, the severity of the addiction is different. The type of treatment a patient receives depends on the severity and type of addiction they are suffering.

Each treatment is designed to cover specific areas. Similarly, some may prioritize different aspects of a recovery program, either working more on the physical or emotional part. The success of these treatments is that they treat every aspect of a patient’s life. The number one priority is to help patients live a healthy lifestyle away from addiction.

Types Of Treatments

Partial Hospitalization Program

  • A partial hospitalization program is the most intensive type of outpatient program. This type of program is offered during the five days of the week to ensure patients receive as much treatment and attention as possible.
  •  A significant advantage of a partial hospitalization program is that besides being an intensive program, it’s also comprehensive with proper care to help manage and reduce symptoms.

Intensive Outpatient Program

  • This program is usually a follow up after receiving the partial hospitalization program. It may require three to five days a week, depending on the patient’s needs.
  • An intensive outpatient program is designed to develop already learned skills and continue learning how to manage success or challenges in life.

Outpatient Program

  • An outpatient program is primarily for patients who need low care and have already completed either the partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient visits.
  • The treatment requires at least two days a week to continue working on independence and accountability.

Aftercare Program and Alumni

  • This program is designed for people who have gone through the same treatment to share and serve new patients. This program meets up at least once a month to celebrate the success of recovery.

These treatments are best treated at a specialized addiction treatment center for alcohol and drugs located in Hiram, GA.

Program Eligibility

Each patient has to meet specific requirements to be eligible for the different programs. The partial hospitalization program is best suited for patients seeking recovery and a healthy lifestyle. Patients who participate in this program benefit from a higher level of support than traditional outpatient programs.

The intensive outpatient program is for patients that have already received a partial hospitalization program. The purpose of this program is to help them put into practice their skills.

On the other hand, an outpatient program is for patients who don’t need intensive or moderate treatment. These individuals can recover with low care without risking a relapse and going back to an outpatient treatment center.

Outpatient Treatment Center In Hiram

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