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We have a dedication to serve our clients through a variety of alcohol and drug addiction programs. We have a firm belief that it is possible for YOU to achieve and sustain long-term recovery from addiction.

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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Georgia

Alcohol is the most widely used drug in America, with over 65 million people addicted to it. Dependence on alcohol forms when someone has an intense desire for more, even if they know that this can lead them into trouble.

We understand that you may be feeling lost in your addiction and not know what next step to take. The professionals at our Hope Harbor Wellness alcohol rehab center can help guide the way forward for both physical recovery and mental health after an active alcoholic has sought treatment for their problem with substance abuse problems. Learn more about how we provide comprehensive alcohol treatment by calling us today!

What are the Warning Signs of Alcoholism?

Our alcohol rehab in Hiram, Georgia, sees the effects of alcoholism every day. Alcohol use disorder can have various symptoms, from mild to severe. The signs to look for include:

  • Drinking more alcohol or for a longer period than intended
  • Being unable to reduce or stop drinking
  • Spending a lot of time getting and using alcohol or recovering from its effects
  • Giving up important activities to drink
  • Experiencing intense cravings for alcohol
  • Facing problems at work, school, or home because of drinking
  • Continuing to drink even though it’s causing relationship problems
  • Drinking alcohol in dangerous situations, such as while driving

If you or someone you love is dealing with any of these signs, Hope Harbor Wellness can help. We offer comprehensive alcohol treatment that can address the underlying causes of your disease and help you achieve lasting sobriety.

What Types of Alcohol Addiction Treatment do you offer for Alcoholism?

Hope Harbor Wellness creates a customized alcohol treatment & recovery plan for every patient, depending on the severity of your symptoms. Some components we often use include:

  • Cognitive behavioral treatments. Our clinicians help identify the behaviors that lead to drinking and prepare you to cope with them through identifying triggers, skill development, building a support system, and setting realistic goals regularly.
  • Behavioral therapy. Through this type of therapy, we focus on changing behaviors related to psychological distress.
  • We also provide professional advice designed to help alcoholics change their harmful behaviors, problem-solve, and improve decisions.
  • Support Groups. We emphasize that you are never alone in your recovery by creating support groups. You can learn from and share with others who suffer from Alcohol Use Disorder.

How To Get Started With Alcohol Treatment?

Now is the time to get help for alcoholism. You are ready for it, and your new life begins today. Our team can help you at Hope Harbor Wellness. We encourage you to take the steps now to get help through our comprehensive programs:

Examine Your Options Today

Hope Harbor Wellness is a Georgia alcohol rehab facility specializing in treating those struggling with drugs and drinking too much. We’ll meet you to discuss your situation and offer personalized treatment options tailored for what’s best suited at this moment. If you or someone in your life might be suffering from alcoholism, don’t wait for recovery to start. Hope Harbor Wellness can help today! We’ll meet with all family members—including loved ones who have been struggling with their own addictions.

“We exist to help guide individuals seeking a path to freedom through humanity, compassion, and boundless support.”

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