Selecting the Best Drug Rehab in Atlanta: What to Consider

best drug rehab in Atlanta
Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Joshua Yager M.D.

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Joshua Yager M.D.

Dr. Joshua Yager is an Atlanta native, board-certified family practice physician who is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of his community.

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When trying to overcome any type of addiction, it is important that you have the right tools to do so. Selecting the best drug rehab in Atlanta can give you the support and treatment that you need in order to help yourself move forward onto the road of sobriety.

When it comes to choosing the best facility to go to, there are various steps you should take.

Define Your Goals

It is important that you are able to identify your goals. What do you want out of your treatment? What are you willing to do to help yourself overcome your addiction? What tools do you need to help? Identifying your goals in recovery can help you determine which is the best drug rehab in Atlanta to go to.

Talk About Your Treatment

After determining what your goals are with recovery, you will want to talk about your recovery journey. It is important not only to focus on your future but to discuss your past and your present situation as well.

You should be as open as possible about your substance use disorder to the people who are going to be providing treatment. It is always a possibility that you may have an underlying issue or even a co-occurring disorder that you suffer from at the same time. It is important that these are identified so that you can be treated for both.

Talking about your present situation is important as well. You will need to be honest about how motivated you are to get help. Selecting the best drug rehab in Atlanta can be incredibly challenging. However, if you are open about your goals and your present situation then it can make the process a lot easier.

Finally, you will want to think about your future. Where do you want to be in one month, three months, six months, or even 12 months? Where do you want to be in five years, 10 years, or even 20 years? Talk about your visions in your dreams. It is important that you get this out in the open so that you can create some realistic goals to work toward.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Drug Rehab in Atlanta

Choosing the best drug rehab in Atlanta can seem like an overwhelming task. However, there are various factors that you should look into when selecting the facility that is right for you.

Track Record

A rehabilitation facility can offer luxury accommodations and have a modern structure. However, these things do not guarantee success. Before selecting the facility that you are going to go to, you should investigate whether they have a proven track record of success when it comes to treating patients in the facility. To determine if the facility is the best drug rehab in Atlanta, you will want to look into the following:

  • Find out how long the treatment facility has been open.
  • Seek testimonials from other people, including former patients.
  • Take into consideration the facility’s success rate when it comes to treating patients.

All of these factors can help to determine if you are looking at the best drug rehab in Atlanta or if you should look elsewhere.

Specialties Offered

Selecting a facility that has the treatment that you need is critically important to your success on your road to recovery. Even if the facility offers extensive services, you need to make sure that they are designed to treat the addiction that you are currently suffering from. You will want to ask about the experience that the staff has and the success rate when it comes to treating people who suffer from the same condition as you.

Accredited Staff

It is important to verify that the people who are providing treatment in the best drug rehab in Atlanta are certified and have the credentials to do so. She will want to verify that you are going to be working with licensed clinical psychologists, registered nurses, and counselors who have a minimum of at least a master’s degree. Having the right team on your side can make a significant difference on your path to recovery.

Is Individualized Therapy Offered?

Even though group therapy is incredibly common, individualized therapy sessions are equally important. When it comes to selecting the best drug rehab in Atlanta, you should research to determine if they offer you one-on-one therapy opportunities. This type of therapy can provide you with an opportunity to speak to a therapist when you are comfortable and not in a group setting. These sessions are also beneficial when it comes to creating individualized treatment plans.

Are There Any Holistic Modalities?

A holistic approach can be extremely helpful for overcoming addiction. When selecting the best drug rehab in Atlanta, consider choosing one that offers holistic treatment options. These can include:

  • Nutritional education 
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Herbal or plant medicines
  • Rieke
  • Writing therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise

Treatments that focus on mental and physical health and well-being can help aid in taking back control of your body and mind throughout recovery and beyond. Not only can holistic therapy help you improve the quality of your thoughts, but it can help to provide a creative and healthy way for you to occupy your downtime.

Are There Evidence-Based Treatment Options Available?

When choosing the best drug rehab in Atlanta, you should consider if they are any evidence-based treatment options available. These treatments are generally backed by research and have a proven record of success when it comes to helping patients overcome addiction. Some of the most common and effective evidence-based treatment options provided include:

  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy 

These treatment options are all incredibly helpful when it comes to helping people overcome drug addictions and maintain their sobriety. 

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